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From: A. Croxton Smith, About Our Dogs: The Breeds and their Management.  London: Ward, Lock & Co., Ltd. (1950 printing):

The Bearded Collie

Origin and History.—Superficially it may be said that the Bearded Collie of Scotland and the Old English Sheepdog have a good deal of resemblance to one another. No doubt they have, but there are differences which separate them very distinctively. Both have shaggy coats, but the Scottish dog is smaller, not so strong in the muzzle, has a small beard under his chin and his tail is not docked. He gives the impression of being able to move easily and to spend long hours in his work. The eye, roundish in shape, is very expressive, denoting a high order of intelligence. The colour varies, but a dark hazel is preferred.

The hero of Alfred Ollivant's 'Owd Bob' is said to have been a 'Beardie':

'Should you happen on moor or in market upon a very perfect gentle knight clothed in dark grey habit, splashed here and there with rays of moon; free by right divine of the guild of gentlemen, strenuous as a prince, lithe as a rowan, graceful as a girl, with high king-carriage, motions and manners of a fairy-queen: should he have a noble breadth of brow, an air of still strength born of right confidence, all unassuming; last, and most unfailing test of all, should you look into two snow-cloud eyes, calm, wistful, inscrutable, their soft depths clothes on with eternal sadness—yearning, as it is said, for the soul that is not theirs—know then you look upon one of the line of most illustrious sheepdogs of the North.'

I should have thought that it was possible to find a fair number of Bearded Collies at work in Scotland, but Miss Augusta Bruce told me in 1930 that they had become extremely scarce and that Mrs. Cameron Miller, Balmacneil, Ballinluig, Perthshire, who was trying to found a kennel, had found it difficult to get typical dogs. I realised that when I happen to be judging them a few weeks later at the Ladies' Kennel Association show. None of the others exhibited could compare with Balmacneil Jock, who was really a delightful dog in every way. There is no official standard for the Bearded Collie."


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