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Collies and Sheep-Dogs

by W. Lavallin Puxley

A small portion of text from this book appears below. It is from page 78.

"The value of sheep-dogs is plainly seen when one of them is trained by man. Not only do they understand a sign or signal, but they get to know just what is required of them and to carry out the order. If it be herding the sheep they know exactly where to drive them and how to get them into the fold. They have learnt that they may bite a sheep which refused to obey, but must not hurt it; and when the sheep are folded they know, when the hurdles are changed, just what part of the field they are to occupy in order to prevent them from straying about nibbling as they go and wasting acres of the precious roots. There is such an understanding between them and their masters that a shepherd will almost part with his life rather than lose his dog, while in the dog's eyes his master is probably a long dog which walks in a peculiar way. This explains the case of the shepherd who would not let his dog be taught any tricks and replied, when asked why, "He is too fine to be made a fool of." And though a shepherd lives what to many would be a most lonely and monotonous life, he gets as much enjoyment out of it as many others obtain from a life passed in the bustle of some large town. Indeed, when such a man is prevented by age or illness from attending to his sheep he seems to lose all pleasure or interest in life, just as does his faithful dog."


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