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Walter Hutchinson published 50 parts to Hutchinson's Popular & Illustrated Dog Encyclopaedia. The publisher was London: Hutchinson & Co. (1935). It is almost always advertised as three volumes, which means the parts are divided up and placed inside books to make up the three volumes. Individual parts have been sold on the internet.

The title further stated: "An international & invaluable work (arranged alphabetically for easy reference) on breeds of dogs of every country, with full veterinary advice in cases of accident or ailment, & on their care & home treatment, by most eminent authorities." It then goes on to state: "Edited by Walter Hutchinson, M.A., F.R.G.S., F.R.S.A., F.R.A.I., F.Z.S., Barrister-at-Law (Editor of Story of the Nations, The Wonders of the World, "Britain Beautiful", etc.)."

This book included an image of a shepherd with his dogs. A very small portion of the photograph has been enlarged separately in order to see the two dogs. The caption for the photograph stated that: "...Old English Sheep-dogs as being most excellent canine workers...."

The dog on the left in this photo is another example of a Beardie-like dog that might have been mistaken for an Old English. Hutchinson credits Dorien Leigh, likely the Dorien Leigh Gallery in London.

Clifford Hubbard, in his book The Literature of British Dogs (1949), pointed out regarding encyclopedias, that " is not intended here to review the mass-produced works which are only naturally good in some parts and not good in others, and where inaccuracies may be laid at the doors of too many contributors."


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