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Rowland Johns, born in 1882, wrote many books about dogs and various dog breeds. One of his books was Dogs You'd Like to Meet, published in 1924. Many of the stories in his book were true.

One such true story was entitled "An Irish Hero-Dog."  He told about a woman named Miss Mahoney who had taken in the big yellow sheepdog because his original owner had a "roving" dog which wasn't working out too well. Miss Mahoney learned his original home was Sandy, and his mother had been from Limerick, an Irish terrier breed. Therefore, it was assumed his father had been a sheepdog. From her home, he went to live on the shores of Galway Bay with a lighthouse keeper. One stormy day, a trawler crashed during a storm. Rover was involved with a rescue of one of the individuals in the sea, and this brave endeavor brought him much fame. You will need to read the book to learn how he ended up with Miss Mahoney again. Rover appeared on page 11 in the book.

Page 89 included an image with the caption "On Guard." Little is known about this image, but it has appeared on postcards.

On page 173, an image entitled "Holiday Dogs" appeared. This image has also appeared on postcards.

It is not known where the below image appeared, but it is clearly the same three dogs, and we can see that Nell, in the middle, appears to be a Beardie-like collie dog.

In a chapter entitled "Please Give Me a Penny, Sir." Johns talked about collecting dogs used to raise money for charity. However, the dog appearing below was described as a different type; a dog living in a London suburb who collected pennies in order to buy something for himself. We hope you have the opportunity to read this book and meet the many dogs, many of whom the author personally knew.


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