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In The Complete Book of the Dog, (1922) Leighton seemed to rely again upon James C. Dalgliesh's writings in Leighton's earlier books. The words will not be repeated here. However, on page 115 where Leighton discusses the Old English Sheepdog, he wrote:

"It is not easy to determine the origin of the Old English Sheepdog. The breed is not quite so ancient as its name would seem to suggest. He has many points in common with the Russian Owtchar, the largest of the European shepherd dogs which used often to be brought to England in the Baltic trading ships. There is the same square build of figure, the same character of head, and the same deep, crisp coat which under neglect hangs down in ragged ropes. In general shape, too, he is not unlike the French sheepdog of La Brie. The Club's description would seem to suggest that the Poodle and the Deerhound had some share in his composition. But whatever he came from, our English bob-tail was established about a hundred years ago, and was represented in the Southern Counties, notably Dorsetshire, Hampshire and Wiltshire, as well as Essex, Suffolk, and Wales. A variant of the breed is known in Scotland, too, as the Bearded Collie, who differs chiefly by reason that his coat is less woolly and that he is in possession of a tail, the amputation of which, in the Southern variety, is a recognized custom in England."

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