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Thomas Pearce, went by the pseudonym of Idstone. He wrote for a periodical called The Field. He was also the author of The Idstone Papers (1872). He is sometimes referred to as the Rev. Thomas Pierce.

The Dog: With Simple Directions for his Treatment, and Notices of the Best Dogs of the Day and Their Breeders or Exhibitors. London: Cassell, Petter, and Galpin (1872) 1st Edition, 258 pp, with 12 wood-engraved plates by George Earl.

1874, 2nd Edition, London: Cassell, Petter, and Galpin.

1888, 7th Edition, London: Cassell & Company, Ltd.

Date Unknown, 8th Edition, London: Cassell & Company, Limited. 12 full-page woodcut engravings by George Earl. The book covers: The Modern Foxhound; Staghound; Harrier; Beagle; Bloodhound; Deerhound; Greyhound; Otterhound; Setters; Black-Tan or Gordon Setters; Irish Setters; Pointer; Smooth or Hairy Coat Retriever; Curly Coat Retriever; Retrievers other than black; Irish and other Water Spaniels; Clumber Spaniel; Norfolk Spaniel; Sussex Spaniel; smaller field Spaniels and Cockers; Mastiff; Bulldog; St. Bernard; Newfoundland; Fox, Bull, and Skye Terriers; Dandy Dinmont Terrier; various other Terrier breeds; Scotch Colley; English Sheep Dog; Dalmatian; Pomeranian; Poodle; Maltese; King Charles Spaniel; Blenheim Spaniels; Pug; Italian Grey hound. Frontispiece has an engraving of a Flat Coat Retriever. Additional engravings, Foxhound; Bloodhound; Deerhound; English Setter; Pointer; Mastiff; Bulldog; St. Bernards; Fox Terriers' Bull Terrier; Dandy Dinmont Terriers. 258 pp.

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