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John Henry Walsh, went by the pseudonym of Stonehenge. From 1857-1888, he served as Editor for the world’s oldest country and field sports magazine, "The Field," which began its publication in 1853.

This image appeared in "The Illustrated London News," February 25, 1888.

His books are listed here, but none of them shed light on a Beardie-like dog. In the numerous editions of The Dog. In Health and Disease, he borrowed the same images for a Scotch Collie and the English Sheepdog used by Youatt from his 1845 book. See below.



1.The Dog. In Health and Disease, etc. London: Longman, Green and Co. (1859).

1867, Reprint of 1st Edition?, London: Longmans, Green, Reader & Dyer, 468 pp. This edition could be a reprint of the 1859 book, as several of the 1872 books state "2nd Edition."

1872, 2nd Edition, London: Longmans, Green, Reader & Dyer, 470 pp.

1879, 3rd Edition, London: Longmans, Green and Co., 509 pp.

1887, 4th Edition, London: Longmans, Green and Co., 432 pp.

In the below book, he used a different image for a Scotch Colley in his 1872 edition that was a far cry from the two colley dogs on one image used in his 1878 and 1882 editions. All that can be said is that they all represented different appearing types of Scotch colleys.

2. Dogs of the British Islands, London: Horace Cox (1867).

1872, 2nd Edition, London: Horace Cox

1878, 3rd Edition, London: Horace Cox

1882, 4th Edition, London: Horace Cox

The third and fourth editions are similar if not exactly the same.

1886, 5th Edition, London: Horace Cox

Note: Some individuals sell chapters separately for a breed from the above book.

3. The Dogs of Great Britain, America, and Other Countries, etc. New York: Orange Judd Publishing (1879) First Edition. 384 pp.

1883, New York: Orange Judd Publishing, 407 pp.

1887, New York: Orange Judd Publishing,457 pp

1914, New York: Orange Judd Publishing, 369 pp.

1919, New York: Orange Judd Publishing, 369 pp.

4. The Dog: Its Varieties and Management in Health (revised by George Armatage)London: Frederick Warne and Co. (1896), 268 pp.

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