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Edward Jesse (1780-1868) a natural history writer, wrote Anecdotes of Dogs (1846).

An engraving labeled "Scotch Colly" appeared in an early deluxe edition of Jesse's book. This may be one of the earliest engravings of a dog that clearly resembled a Beardie-like canine. The book included twenty copper engraved plates as well as wood engravings. It is thought that this image was one of the original twenty copper engravings.

The below image was used in other editions with the caption "The Colley or Shepherd's Dog."

Iris Combe, in Herding Dogs: Their Origins and Development in Britain, Chapter 15, "The Bearded Collie or Beard," page 163, wrote

"In particular, the references to Scotch or Highland collies in Edward Jesse's Anecdotes of Dogs (1846), as the title implies, must be treated with some skepticism. Reading through its pages one is aware that it is intended as a witty or fun book, written with tongue in cheek, and that the information is at best misleading."

Some owners might well relate to what Jesse wrote. For those interested in reading Jesse's book, it can be found on The Project Gutenberg Ebook #26500, Released September 1, 2008. It can also be found on Books of Google. Both have the last image above representing "The Colley or Shepherd's Dog."

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