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Thomas Bewick (1753-1828), the famous English engraver, included illustrations on what he called "The Shepherd's Dog" and "The Cur Dog" in his History of Quadrupeds published in 1790. The engravings were included in James Watson's book, The Dog, published in 1905-1906.

Line drawings of these two engravings also appeared in Ash's The Practical Dog Book, (1931), page 108. Ash identified Bewick's "The Shepherd's Dog" under the name "The Collie" on page 107.

The Cur Dog" by Bewick was called "The Bob-tailed Dog or Cur Dog" by Ash on page 107.

The collie dog on the right is the first image of a rough collie according to James Watson, The Dog, page 346. He wrote:

"We have already mentioned that it was probable the term collie was confined to parts of Scotland, and that it found headway down the east coast as far as Northumberland, where Bewick gives it as applied to both rough and smooth, and also gives the first representation of the rough dog as early as 1790."

Watson also points out one characteristic found in all the old-time drawings of collies (the twist at the end of the tail). He concluded this characteristic was being bred out of the breed since such tails were now seldom seen.

Bewick engraved an image referred to as "The Large Rough Water Dog." It is shown below and is remarkably similar to that of Buffon's drawing above



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