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Jan Jonston (also known as Joannes Jonstonus, 1603-1675) was a Polish scholar and a physician who descended from Scottish nobility. Jonston had studied botany and medicine at the University of Cambridge. His work in Latin entitled Historiae Naturalis De Quadrupetibus (c. 1650) included a section entitled "De Quadrupedibus Domesticis." His work was translated into English in 1657.

Sixteen drawings of canines appear under several names starting with either "canis" or "canes."

When viewing the shaggy coated dog on the right, one can see a beard and a lengthy tail is present by looking at a close-up view where the remaining portion of the picture has been lightened considerably.

On a different page, under the caption "canis hunde," a shaggy type of dog also appeared. Interestingly, this same image appeared at the end of Edward Ash's The Practical Dog Book, Page 330, with the words: "From a German Natural History of 1650." Ash did not discuss this image or Jonston in this book, and why Edwards included it on that page is unknown.


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